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(No.1, North Xin Yijin Road)

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  Jiangsu Jinhui Copper Group was founded in 1978, located in Pottery town—Yixing by scenic Taihu Lake. Jiangsu Jinhui Copper Group is one of the largest domestic enterprises engaged in research & development and manufacture of copper conductor, including several independent subsidiary companies: Jiangsu Jiangrun Copper Co., Ltd., Yixing Yida Copper Co.,Ltd. with over 800 employees and fixed assets of RMB6.5 billion. The company was selected Chinese top enterprises 500 and top Chinese manufacturing industry 500 for eight consecutive years since 2006.

  Jiangsu Jinhui Copper Group has nearly 40 years of professional manufacturing of copper conductor. Believing in the concept -Top equipments, top products, top customers, the company continues to introduce the world’s most advanced equipments of copper conductor, optimize product structure, improve the product chain of copper conductor and satisfy the customers with personalized quality and services, also to increase investment in training to improve the quality of employees and adopt modern management to stimulate corporate development.As one of drafting units of national standards, the company participated in revision of 《Round copper wire for electrical purposes》,《Round bunched copper wire for electrical purposes》,《Tinned round copper wire》, Silvered round copper wire》 and 《The norm of energy consumption per unit product for electrical copper billets》. and also in revision of 《Copper billets for electrical purposes》in May, 2015.

  At present, the company is equipped with advanced originally imported equipments of SCR production lines of continuous casting and rolling, double rod breakdown drawing, silver-plating & tin-plating, multi wire drawing, bunching from American Southwire and German Niehoff, mainly engaged in the production of five series of products: φ8mm copper rod, bare copper wire, composite copper wire, copper stranded wire, copper parallel wire with productivity of 1,000,000MT for Copper rod , 750,000MT for bare copper wire , 90,000MT for alloy composite copper wire , 180,000MT for copper parallel wire and 200,000MT for copper stranded wire which are ranked first among domestic industry. Our products are widely applied in wire & cable industry with over 15% share in the domestic market, among which, up to 30% market share for copper conductor of domestic special cable industry (automobile cable, electronic cable, nuclear power cable, railway locomotive cable, marine cable, mining cable, ultra-high voltage cable, etc.) and 20% market share for copper conductor of high-end winding wire.

  With the sharpening of market competitions and the development of economy in the 21st century, to cope with such opportunity and challenge, Jinhui Copper Group has to continuously enhance the core competitiveness——specialization, scale, internationalization and to provide personalized value-added services of copper conductor in high-end cable industry with the concept of people-oriented, market-oriented and customer-oriented.

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