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   The company is equipped with high speed rod drawing machines, medium drawing machines, multi-wire drawing machines from German Niehoff, and also has strong technical strength and perfect test methods.? Annual sales reaches 450,000MT for φ1.13mm—5.60mm series of high-quality bare copper wires, ?among which 20,000MT for φ1.13mm bare copper wire dedicated for enameled wire. ?These products are widely applied in the fields of high voltage power cables, telecommunication data cables, automobile cables, winding wires as well as aerospace technology etc.   

Iron frame packaging

package weight 800-2000kg

copper wire

package weight 800-1000kg


Jinghui Copper Group is one of the headmost companies to use imported high speed continuous annealing drawing machines, compared to traditional wire drawing, the technology has many advantages.

1. Full-automatic computer control, uniform continuous annealing, elongation control at ±1%;

2. With a complete set of ceramic drawing capstans to achieve results of smooth surface of copper wire, no scratch & metal burr which are necessary for high-end enameled wire;

3. Application of rotary last die when coiling out to increase roundness of copper wire up to 0.02 mm;

4. Automatic spool-changing process to reduce oxidation in downtime, inconsistent stretching rate and less copper wire meter-counting loss to satisfy customer requirements of fixed length;

5. Uniform elongation, smooth surface, the roundness of wire and pure copper content to ensure excellent electric conductivity of copper wire for all customers’ best choice.

copper wire

? package weight 2000kg

?fiber container package

package weight? 800-1000kg

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