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Tinned Copper Wire


Jinhui Copper Group is the earliest manufacturer to introduce combined technology of continuous drawing, annealing and plating in Asia. The company has two tinned plating lines from German Niehoff to produce tinned copper wire directly from copper rod with annual output of 20,000MT. The process flow is 8mm copper rod–drawing–annealing–electrolytic degreasing---five times waterfall rinsing---acid cleaning---tin electroplating---economically rinsing---five times waterfall rinsing-- packaging.

Composite copper wire

Composite copper wire
  Features:Imported originally electroplating liquid from Germany, waste water & gas automatically collecting, processing & recycling to meet the requirements of environmental protection of European Union. ?The whole production line has the advanced control system of PLC technology, which has a leading position in electroplating industry. ?All the performance of such products can meet international standards, such as DIN, IEC, ASTM, JIS and BS. ?The finished plated products have smooth surface with corrosion resistance, heat resistance and good weldability.? We can supply different specifications according to customers requirements, such as wire diameter, thickness of tin plating, hardness to ensure quality of tinned copper wire.
  Common Products: 0.10mm-2.8mm,various specifications of tinned copper wire

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