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Combined copper wire

The company introduced the multi wire drawing machines from German Niehoff since 2003 based on professional production of copper wires. It adopts several wires into the machine simultaneously with technics of continuous drawing & annealing. ?Its tension is constant in one spool according to the different product specifications to ensure the consistency of product performance and excellent surface quality, which not only improve the operation efficiency, and also provide reliable guarantee for the material consumption.? At present, annual productivity is 100,000MT and products are widely applied in automobile cable, electronic cable, railway locomotive cable and photovoltaic cable.


:1. Uniform performance for product and high efficiency for equipment;

2. Coiled with 630 spool to reduce operation strength and subsequent product welding;

3. Stable internal tension suitable for normal twisted products;

4. Specifications of Φ 0.10 ~ 0.80mm with wire numbers of 7 ~ 24.

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