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Bunched Wire

  Along with rapid development of cable industry in recent years, quality requirements of? conductor is improving accordingly.? The company introduced several multi-wire drawing machines and high speed bunching machines from German Niehoff, which have high automation, good roundness of product appearance and good continuity.? The products are widely applied in automobile cable, electronic cable, railway locomotive cable and photovoltaic cable. 


1. Constant tension of paying-off with high efficiency and good stability of wire diameter & resistance;

2. Full computer control of process parameters, especially in automatic control of paying-off tension to improve quality of wire winding and stability of products;

3. Internal meter-computing to ensure the accuracy of length;

4. Double motor design without slipping to ensure the consistency of the length of lay and the roundness of the twisted suitable for ultra-thin wire with insulating layer;

5. Automatic laser wire winding to avoid influence on quality owing to human error and downtime.

tinned bunched wire

bare bunched wire

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